If you know something needs to change but you just don't know what then give Deborah a call and book a no obligation 15 minute conversation.

She can talk to you about the challenges you face and any questions you may have.


Coach, NLP Practitioner, Licenced DISC Trainer

07874 623327


  • Understanding the people puzzle Communicating more effectively and working together as a team
  • Regaining focus and momentum - Remembering the vision and getting everyone motivated towards it
  • Increasing business development and client retention - Growing the business effectively
  • Recruiting and inducting staff Building a retaining a great team
  • Communicating effectively with clients Providing great customer service

A business that runs smoothly all of the time is a rarity (maybe a myth, some say). It takes effort to build a business that runs efficiently,  continually expands and brings security to the team.

Wherever a business starts, at what ever stage it's development, coaching can bring benefits in asking those difficult questions that leaders shy away from and Managers dare not ask.  

Whether it is gaining focus, regaining momentum, increasing business development or building team communication, Deborah can help with customised workshops, individual and team coaching and leadership development.