If you know something needs to change but you just don't know what then give Deborah a call and book a no obligation 15 minute conversation.

She can talk to you about the challenges you face and any questions you may have.

As a qualified Coach, Deborah helps businesses, teams and individuals to explore their goals and ambitions and then achieve them!

When coaching, Deborah asks the questions which get the person being coached to discover answers for themselves.  After all, people are much more likely to engage with solutions that they have come up with themselves, rather than those that are forced upon them!

As part of the coaching programme a personality profile is used to help each person understand how they work naturally, how their work self differs from their natural self and how they react under stress.  In a team this helps the individuals understand each other so they can work better together.

​Coaching works in many circumstances such as:

what is coaching?

 - ​Helping Individuals to reach their goals quicker than they would on their own

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 - ​​Specialist coaching for couples planning their wedding


 - ​Helping business owners and teams focus, set goals and move forward.
 - ​Speciist coaching for the complextities of running a family business