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People are vital to all businesses - whether they are owners, staff, clients or suppliers.  Communication can either help the business run smoothly or create conflict and misunderstanding. 

One key reason why staff leave a business and clients go elsewhere is a mismatch with co-workers or client relationship managers.  The personalities of those involved and the influences they have on business are often not fully understood.

In the 6 hour workshop Deborah will pass on the secrets to understanding people in minutes rather than months and help you to improve communication and effectiveness within your business.

The workshop will help you to:

Coach, NLP Practitioner, Licenced DISC Trainer

  • Quickly assess your own personality type that of those around you - Be more self aware
  • Understand the motivation, fears and drivers for different personality types - Up your game
  • Understand your team, any gaps and key influencers - Recruit and retain staff more effectively
  • Understand how conflicts arise and how to stop them - Run more productive teams.
  • Understand your clients and their communication style - Improve Business Development