A family business is the most complex of all structures.  As well as the normal dynamics of business, there is the added layer of personal relationships.

Deborah has worked in and with many businesses over the last 25 years which are co-owned by couples, employ siblings, parents or other relatives, or have been handed from one generation to the next.

Deborah can help you to unravel the people puzzle, take an objective look at what is business and what is personal and coach you through addressing some key issues such as:

If you know something needs to change but you just don't know what then give Deborah a call and book a no obligation 15 minute conversation.

She can talk to you about the challenges you face and any questions you may have.


family business  coaching

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Coach, NLP Practitioner, Licenced DISC Trainer

  • Understanding the personality dynamics of the leadership team Communicating more effectively
  • Keeping work and personal life separateGaining a better work / life balance
  • Taking over from the previous generation - Keeping the dream alive for you
  • Conflict resolution and difficult decisions Getting it over and getting over it
  • Continuous solid business development Keeping the future secure