Step 1, DISC profile  

A full 17 page profile helps you to understand yourself fully, at home, at work and under pressure​.  A 30 minute structured session helps you to make the most of this information and play to your strengths.

Step 2, Coaching Wheel 

A structured hour session stops you going round in circles, identify your priorities and helps you to set the first goal in your journey.

Step 3, Continuous progress towards your goal

A set of two to four subsequent sessions will keep you moving towards your goal and teach you how to coach yourself.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be added in at any point to remove limiting beliefs, increase confidence and identify what's holding you back.

Deborah provides continual support via text, email and Skype throughout the programme to keep you on track

individual coaching

Please book me a 30 minute conversation

07874 623327

Whether you are looking to make changes to your career, finances, health or wellbeing individual coaching can help.

Sometimes you just need that non-critical friend who can keep you focused on achieving your goals and getting results more quickly.

Sometimes you need to understand more about yourself and those around you so you can communicate more effectively and get people on-side.  

Sometimes you feel like you're going round in circles and getting nowhere fast.  Coaching helps you find your direction and get going.

Sometimes you have just too many priorities and get the paralysis of analysis. Coaching helps you to find that one thing that's going to make a difference and stick to it.  This helps you achieve a better work / life balance too.

If you know something needs to change but you just don't know what then give Deborah a call and book a no obligation 30 minute conversation.

She can talk to you about the challenges you face and any questions you may have.

Coach, NLP Practitioner, Licenced DISC Trainer