Team Building

Business Coach, Personal Coach, NLP Practitioner, Licenced DISC Trainer


Personal development can be fun and the two hour team workshops provide an opportunity to try personality profiling in a relaxed and fun way.

With each team member getting their own personalised profile and also the skills to recognise why the rest of the team do what they do, it enhances performance and removes conflict.

How the workshop works:

Workshops can be booked at your place of work for just £500 including team profiles.

Alternatively, give her a call to talk about public workshops covering leadership, sales and team communication.

07874 623327

  • Upon booking you will be given a short personality profile to fill out and return prior to the workshop
  • At the workshop you will be given a badge with a graph showing your personality type
  • Deborah will help you to interpret your type, at home, work and under pressure 
  • A fun exercise will help to consolidate your understanding and show how personalities work in practise.
  • You will gain a deeper level of self awareness and ability to communicate better with those around you